Statement Of Assemblyman Thiele, Chair of The Assembly Committee on Local Governments, on Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (Aim) in The Final State Budget

On Friday, Assemblymember Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (I-Sag Harbor) issued the following statement on the improvements made to the Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) program enacted in the final state budget:

“As the Chair of the Local Governments Committee, I know how important unrestricted aid is for municipalities to overcome localized and unique challenges,” said Assemblymember Thiele. “As I have emphasized every year since 2019, it was a mistake to divert funding for this crucial program away from the state general fund and place its cost on the local entities themselves through a county sales tax intercept. This year’s budget is different. I am pleased to announce that AIM will now be wholly funded by the State General Fund in a move that restores the program’s original intention and better serves our local governments recovering from the financial impact of the pandemic. While I am disappointed that the total amount of AIM funding was held flat for yet another year, I believe that this budget makes great strides towards supporting our local communities and presents future opportunities to do better.”