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Welcome to my New York State Assembly Web page.

You can use this page to easily access information about the work I do both in Albany and at home to pass laws designed to build a stronger, healthier and more vibrant New York. You can also access the legislation I sponsor, the committees I sit on and contact information to reach me.

In addition, you can use the entire Assembly Web site as a great way to stay apprised of new legislation that impacts our state as well as the Assembly District. I encourage you to visit this site often to keep yourself up to date on various issues, news and legislative hearings. Thank You for visiting.


May 11, 2022
Assemblymmeber Aubry speaks on legislation that would rename the Office of Minority Health under the Department of Health to the Office of Health Equity and redefine the mission and scope for the office. (A.9764)


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Mas Reservacion – Feria Del Hogar 2022

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Save The Date – Housing Expo 2022

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Asambleísta Aubry: La exención del impuesto sobre la gasolina provee un alivio muy necesario en las gasolineras

“La inflación está afectando muchísimo a los neoyorquinos. Todos lo sentimos durante nuestro diario vivir. Exasperadamente, mientras que se nos dificulta hacer que el dinero alcance, las cinco compañías de aceite más grandes ganaron $35 mil millones...

Assemblymember Aubry: Gas Tax Holiday Provides Much-Needed Relief at the Pump

“Inflation is hitting New Yorkers hard. We all feel it as we go about our daily lives. Infuriatingly, while we’re all finding it harder to make ends meet, the five largest oil companies earned $35 billion more in profits during the first three months...

Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry Office of Cannabis Management Fact Sheet Spring 2022

The Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA), passed in 2021, legalized adult-use cannabis (also known as marijuana, or recreational marijuana) and created the Office of Cannabis Management. The Office of Cannabis Management is governed by the Cannabis...

Assemblymember Jeffrion L. Aubry: Sedrick’s Law Will Improve Safety on Subway Platforms

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“As crime rates increase nationwide, the New York City subway system has not been immune to this trend. All types of crime – violent and nonviolent – have increased markedly[1] and it’s critical that we take steps to protect riders. A safe, functioning...
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