Statement by Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill on Impeachment Investigation Report

The Report released today by the Assembly Judiciary Committee establishes that former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo serially engaged in sexual harassment, responsible for a hostile work environment, misused public resources and, on multiple occasions, placed his public image above full disclosure and the safety of New Yorkers.

It further establishes that former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo was uncooperative in investigations and continued a pattern of obfuscation, misdirection and deceit in the running of his office, in informing the public of matters of critical importance, such as COVID-19 data and bridge safety and with regard to contemporaneous and multiple subsequent inquiries.

The exhaustive findings firmly prove that former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo commandeered significant public resources in the drafting, editing, promotion and marketing of a book that resulted in his personal enrichment, likely in excess of $5 million, and that he did so in flagrant violation of the specific affirmative direction of the ethics oversight board.

While legal experts and historians indicate that impeachment proceedings may only be pursued against sitting officials, the public is not without recourse.This Report provides an ample basis to commence or continue full criminal investigations of the activities of former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and those individuals who importuned, affirmatively acted or sought to cover up illegal and other inappropriate activities by or on behalf of former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

It is heart-wrenching to read about the pervasive misogyny and treatment of women by former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the misuse and abuse of public resources for personal gain and the elevation of personal image considerations over transparency and public safety. However, the Report also validates the exhaustive work and integrity of Attorney General Letitia James, provides a stark contrast to the openness and professionalism of the administration of Governor Kathy Hochul and demonstrates the seriousness with which Speaker Carl Heastie, Chair Charles Lavine and the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee carried out their solemn responsibilities.

While law enforcement and prosecutors may be obligated to continue to investigate and ultimately prosecute former Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and those around him who conspired and acted illegally themselves, we in the state legislature are now in a position to close this sad chapter and move forward to best represent and restore the faith of the people we serve.