Byrnes On 2022-23 State Budget

A Statement from Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R,C-Caledonia)

“This budget is about timing and opportunity – and the governor’s failure on both accounts. Not only is the budget over a week late after being negotiated by one-party rule behind closed doors, but it missed the opportunity to deliver for the people of this state – precisely when citizens needed new leadership the most.

“The budget overspends recklessly to the detriment of every taxpayer today and for generations to come. This $220 billion budget – by far the largest budget in our state’s history – could have provided lasting tax relief and allowed our state to get its financial house in order. This bloated budget spends more than states like Florida and Texas combined – and delivers less which is why so many New York State residents are fleeing to these southern, more affordable states.

“An upcoming gas tax holiday at the pump and tax rebate checks are both helpful and welcome, but not enough and again, temporary solutions only. Though I did support these provisions of the budget, I would have preferred real tax reforms, controlled spending, or the fiscal prudency that would help ensure New Yorkers could afford calling New York home for generations to come.”