Norris Announces New Inflation Protection Plan

A Legislative Column from Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,C-Lockport)

It seems no matter how hard we work these days, the cost of daily essentials is having an impact on everyone’s quality of life. Inflation is forcing tough choices. Though we’ve heard leaders in Washington or Albany talk, we need action to make the cost of living in New York realistic.

Getting back to basics is what you and fellow constituents care about, and the motivation behind my Inflation Protection Plan. These are simple, common-sense steps that Gov. Hochul and our leaders in Albany could act on to provide financial relief. This plan includes:

  1. Cutting Utility Bills: creating a utility tax credit and a moratorium on certain taxes and surcharges will save us money now (A.9849). Cutting unfunded mandates, like reducing utility assessments, will save customers long term (A.5717).
  2. Making Daily Essentials More Affordable: eliminating sales tax on dozens of everyday items, including gasoline, personal care and housekeeping supplies (A.8481). Capping motor fuel taxes protects us from Albany’s “tax-and-spend” mentality (A.5927).
  3. Clothing and Shoe Sales Tax Holidays: the state should reinstate tax-free weeks on clothing and footwear up to $500 per item at busy shopping times, like back to school.
  4. Feeding Families: to combat pandemic-fueled global food shortages and inflation, our NY Food Insecurity, Farm Resiliency and Rural Poverty Initiative is an omnibus plan that supports farms and our local industry (A.6391).
  5. Putting Money Back in People’s Pockets: increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to 45 percent gives people more choice with their money (A.5291) and payment options (A.5024).
  6. Cutting Cell Phone Bills: eliminating various state taxes on mobile telecommunications and authorizing local governments to follow suit (A.5539).
  7. Affording Back to School: making college supplies tax deductible (A.5301) and providing teachers with $500 tax credits for supplies, field trip costs or student expenses (A.4977).
  8. Making Healthcare More Affordable: prescriptions add up. When off-label, less expensive alternatives are available (and approved by your doctor) they should be covered at the pharmacy (A.3935).
  9. Retirement Builder: saving up to $100,000 takes determination but once achieved, the account can start earning returns. To protect the American Dream, my plan makes this money non-taxable, no exceptions (A.4764).
  10.  Changing Albany’s “Tax-and-Spend” Culture: a Constitutional Amendment for any tax increase (A.5788) and prohibiting state subsidiaries from charging taxpayers without state Legislative approval (A.6131) provides checks and balances.

As a member of my Conference’s ARRC Committee, I helped develop our entire platform. This includes our Jump Start economic plan, my State Contracts Sunlight Act and Learning for Work Task Force, and solutions on community safety. Learn more at

I’m proud to offer these common-sense solutions to address your needs and concerns, and hope the governor and leaders take immediate action.