Norris Votes Against “Tax-And-Spend” Budget

A Statement from Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,I-Lockport) on the Assembly Majority’s One-House Budget


I voted no on this $170.2 billion budget resolution because this one-house budget has too much spending and no plan to reduce the size and cost of government. That’s about $9,000 per New Yorker. We should be streamlining programs, creating efficiencies, and reducing debt in order to provide a better fiscal climate for New Yorkers to live and work in. There are nearly $2 billion in tax hikes in this plan, which will only cause more New Yorkers to leave our state. For example, this plan includes a payroll tax, a three percent surcharge on certain businesses and expands imposing sales tax on internet marketplace providers. Further, it imposes a house flipping real estate tax and the revenue from this tax would fund the MTA in New York City. Clearly, this overall plan is not in line with the priorities of Western New Yorkers who need tax relief and that’s why I oppose it.