Norris Calls Budget a War on Upstate NY

A Statement from Assemblyman Mike Norris (R,C,I,Ref-Lockport)

Not only is the closed-door, piecemeal process of this year’s budget an affront to any responsible New Yorker, but this budget is also an attack on the millions of taxpaying New Yorkers who live north of Westchester. Though we are yet to see the entire budget plan, what we have seen so far indicates the elimination of the Extreme Winter Recovery program, does nothing more to support upstate local roads and bridges, and even cuts construction funding for libraries which are essential in more rural areas that do not have reliable broadband access.

Furthermore, this budget continues to expose the downstate majorities’ prioritization of their pro-criminal platform by expanding opportunities for criminals, making it harder for police to do their jobs, and pushing forward the DREAM Act. It is outrageous that this budget spends so much of the money earned by the men and women of upstate but gives so little back and will impose many new taxes, mandates and fees, measures that will undoubtedly push more of our population out of state.