Assemblyman Abbate Wants Roads Resurfaced, Potholes Fixed

DOT must divert funds, begin emergency repairs

Brooklyn – Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter Abbate wrote a letter to Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City’s Commissioner for the Department of Transportation, requesting that the DOT begin immediate work fixing potholes and resurfacing city streets.

“It’s been one of the worst winters in recent history,” Assemblyman Abbate said. “Now the streets are in disrepair. Rather than wasting time with bike lanes, the DOT needs to fill the potholes and resurface the roads. With the Mayor calling for fiscal responsibility, why paint bike lanes on the roads when the roads themselves are impassable?”

In his letter to the Commissioner, Assemblyman Abbate asked that all available funds be diverted to address this pressing issue.

"As we move toward the spring,” Abbate wrote, “the NYC DOT should use whatever funds are available to repave as many streets as possible; including using all funds that were previously earmarked for bike lanes, as well as the medians, trees and signage that accompanied the bike lanes."

“The repaving of streets is an urgent safety need for motorists, pedestrians and for bike riders. The huge potholes are causing serious accidents, bodily harm and vehicle repairs. They are costing our citizens and New York City countless millions of dollars.

“I therefore call upon the NYC DOT to ensure that available funds are used for emergency repairs to our City streets.”