our children toward a
successful future

Every school day, crimes committed by youth dramatically increase between the hours of 3 and 6 p.m. The crimes that often occur are as serious and violent as adult crimes like murder, rape, robbery and assault.

As a former Suffolk County police officer, I’ve seen how important it is to fight crime and provide youths with a safe alternative to the streets. In the Assembly, I’m working to pass tougher laws while securing funds to promote before- and after-school programs.

Studies show that after-school programs:

  • Reduce youth crime and violence
  • Reduce drug use, smoking and drinking
  • Reduce teen pregnancy
  • Increase success in school and the likelihood of high school graduation

Providing safe places for our youth is a priority for me. I hope you will join me in supporting them, so we can enjoy a more safe community where our children can thrive.


Philip Ramos
Member of Assembly

Cracking down on gangs
and youth crime

Ramos sponsored legislation to combat gang activity and juvenile delinquency. His legislation would:

  • Establish the “Criminal Street Gang Related Crimes Act,” to increase the penalties for crimes that are gang-related (A.11109)
  • Increase the penalty for recruiting minors into criminal street gang activity (A.10857)
  • Establish the crime of criminal gang recruitment on school grounds (A.3134)
  • Increase penalties for the criminal use of a deadly weapon, and eliminate plea bargaining for persons indicted for the class A-1 felony of criminal use of a deadly weapon (A.3663)
  • Increase penalties for the criminal sale of a firearm (A.3667)

Fostering a safe
environment for children

Ramos sponsored legislation to create youth-centered programs that would:

  • Establish the “New York Safe Neighborhood and Investment Act of 2004,” which secures and protects communities from gang violence and recruitment, invests in after-school programs, college loan access and promotes community volunteerism (A.10106)
  • Create a temporary state commission to promote projects for prevention and early intervention programs for at-risk children and their families (A.6790)

Investing in community-based after-school programs

Ramos has helped invest thousands in local funding for after-school programs, keeping children off the streets during the times when they are most at-risk. In 2003, he helped restore over $17 million to school budgets that included funding of essential youth programs.

Ramos also secured nearly $70,000 in funding for local programs, including:

  • $40,000 Brentwood school district anti-drug and violence program
  • $5,000 Town of Islip Access Anti-Drug Program
  • $5,000 Hope Hoops! Hope Swoops! After School Basketball
  • $5,000 Center of Hope
  • $5,000 Great South Bay YMCA after-school program
  • $3,762 Central Islip Public Library, after-school reading program
  • $3,500 Youth Enrichment Services (YES)
  • $2,500 Literacy Volunteers of America Reading Program

“Educators and law enforcement officials agree that after-school programs are a smart investment. Active youth with positive reinforcement after school stay out of trouble and simply have a better chance for future success. I will continue fighting to reduce juvenile delinquency and expanding the access and availability of after-school initiatives.”

– Philip Ramos

Assemblyman Philip Ramos
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