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Dear friend:

I know our families are facing tough times on Long Island. The price of things like gas and milk are up while wages stay the same. More and more good jobs are being shipped out of the state and country. Meanwhile, big corporations are getting fat tax breaks and are involved in scandal after scandal, while smaller-sized businesses in our community struggle to grow. It’s unfair.

One of my biggest goals has been stopping this cycle. I’ve worked in the Assembly to curb the outsourcing of jobs, reform the Empire Zones program, and increase the minimum wage.

Things need to change. I’m working my hardest to make sure they do.

Philip Ramos
Member of Assembly

Increasing wages, standing up to corporate greed

Reforming the Empire Zones program
One of the chief complaints about the Empire Zones program – which is designed to give tax breaks to companies that create jobs – is that it lacks accountability.

Recently, the state comptroller studied the Islip Empire Zone and discovered that 61 percent of businesses did not meet their job creation goals, while 17 percent of businesses actually lost jobs. That’s why Assemblyman Ramos supported legislation and held public hearings on Empire Zones to fix the program.

The Assembly’s legislation – which passed last year – would create an Empire Zone Control Board to oversee the program (A.9021-A ), and:

  • Require comprehensive reports from both the Empire State Development Corp. and state Department of Taxation and Finance so that taxpayers know the true number of jobs created and the true cost of the program
  • Designate new zones based on a priority system of economic need
  • Decertify businesses that simply reincorporate without adding any new jobs in order to obtain benefits

Stopping the outsourcing of jobs
Assemblyman Ramos supported the State Financial Incentive Protection Act, which prohibits companies from receiving financial incentives if they are sending jobs out of the state. It also requires that, if a company has received state economic development funds and then outsourced jobs, it must return any money it received.

In an effort to bring more disclosure and accountability to corporations, Assemblyman Ramos supports legislation to:

  • Direct the Department of Labor to examine the effect of offshore outsourcing of information technology jobs (A.11613)
  • Require companies to annually disclose any tax credits they have received (A.11703)
  • Hold companies responsible for economic development incentives they have received (A.11681)

  • Working to make wages higher, fairer
    People should make decent wages and shouldn’t have to worry about putting food on the table after working a 40-hour week. That’s why Assemblyman Ramos sponsored legislation:

    • Raising the state’s minimum wage to $7.15 per hour, up from the current $5.15 mark (A.11760-A)
    • Sponsored the New York State Fair Pay Act, to ensure that pay differences for both public and private employees are not based on a person’s sex, race or national origin (A.6701)

    Ramos urges the Senate and governor to take action on these vital measures.

    Assemblyman Philip Ramos
    1010 Suffolk Avenue, Brentwood, NY 11717 • (631)435-3214 •