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...and the president and governor sit by as families struggle to pay higher energy bills
Lack of leadership allows energy companies to run up profits at the expense of our families

Our nation’s energy crisis has been building for many years. The failure of the Bush Administration to implement sound, comprehensive energy policies is apparent at every gas pump and, soon, on our energy bills this winter. Governor Pataki has shown a lack of leadership in addressing this crisis and helping New Yorkers with energy price relief. We cannot allow the failed energy policies of President Bush and his Congressional allies to be further aggravated by out-of-control energy costs.

The Assembly has taken action by convening statewide hearings last month to examine the impact escalating fuel prices have on consumers, and investigating both short- and long-term solutions to alleviate the crisis. In Suffolk County, the hearings focused on strategies to cope with rising home heating costs and price gouging.

Lower your energy bills

Suffolk County homeowners will receive much-needed relief through a 40 percent reduction in the local portion of their energy tax under a proposal signed into law by County Executive Steve Levy. Assemblyman Ramos has asked the Department of Tax and Finance to waive the 90-day period for tax law changes so that Suffolk residents can see this reduction by December 1.

Assemblyman Ramos fought to reduce energy costs by working on a program in conjunction with the Tri-Hamlet Community Development Corporation (CDC). Under the program, eligible families in Suffolk will receive assistance weatherizing their homes by installing insulation, sealing windows and ducts, and repairing heating and cooling units.

LIPA bills draining ratepayers

Long Island’s working families and seniors on fixed incomes continue to be slapped in the face by LIPA’s backdoor rate hikes. Since 2001 - when LIPA began imposing temporary "fuel surcharges" - rates have increased by 35 percent. These so-called "fuel surcharges" allow LIPA to exploit a loophole enabling it to continually raise rates without seeking Public Service Commission approval.

Now LIPA announced it will go to the PSC for permission to implement a rate hike for the first time since 1998. However, this doesn’t take into account "fuel surcharges" consumers have already been paying. That’s why Assemblyman Ramos has supported legislation to make any fuel charge subject to PSC approval (A.1758), whether it be a "rate hike" or "fuel surcharge."

Need help paying your LIPA bill? HEAP might help

Enroll in the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) which is available for eligible low-income renters and homeowners to assist in meeting home energy heating costs. For more information about HEAP and eligibility requirements, please call 1-800-342-3009 or visit:

You can also receive more information on energy saving by visiting:

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