Snowmobilers want their money back and
Assemblyman Will Barclay
couldn’t agree more.

Albany Needs to be Reformed

Bill No. A-10732 will prohibit the transfer of funds from accounts that are specifically supported with a dedicated fee.

This bill is just the beginning of the much-needed reform Assemblyman Barclay is fighting for in Albany.

Assemblyman Will Barclay
“The $1 million transfer of the Snowmobile Trail and Maintenance Fund to the General Fund clearly shows why Albany needs to be reformed. When you registered your snowmobile, you were promised the increased fee would benefit the trails throughout the state. You didn’t pay this fee to support the state’s uncontrolled spending. I have heard from many snowmobilers and clubs and I agree that this transfer is wrong. I will continue to do what is right and fight to get this money back to the trail fund, where it belongs.”

-Will Barclay

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