healthcare facts:
  • Medical records are primarily kept through costly paperwork

  • Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse costs New York taxpayers $4.5 billion per year

  • Healthcare costs per capita have been increasing for decades

Assemblyman Will Barclay:
    Fighting for Affordable & Accessible Healthcare
In Central New York, the burden of skyrocketing healthcare costs is placing an increased strain on family budgets already squeezed by astronomical taxes, gas prices, food and basic services. The bottom line is health insurance costs too much for families to bear.
That is why Assemblyman Will Barclay supports the following:
  • Eliminating Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse, making the system more efficient for the patients who need it the most.

  • Updating record-keeping methods, reducing inefficiencies and the need for excessive personnel.

  • Creating health savings accounts and small business tax credits that will help reduce overall insurance costs.

  • Utilizing incentives for the tech sector and medical industry to focus on preventative care, ultimately saving money by precluding more serious medical conditions.

Legislative Spotlight:
Some of the initiatives that I was pivotal in the passing of:
  • Providing $25 million to fund the expansion of eligibility for the Child Health Plus program;

  • Establishing a comprehensive screening program for the early detection of autism spectrum disorders in toddlers;

  • Establishing the "Prescription Drug Assistance Program" to provide access to prescription drugs to eligible participants at a discount;

  • Removing the depreciated assets of self-employed individuals from the definition of income for the purposes of determining eligibility for Family Health Plus;

  • Expanding the Healthy New York program by removing the existing disqualifications that prevent those who have been covered by another health plan during the previous 12 months from being covered; and

  • Authorizing health insurers, HMOs and municipal cooperative health plans to establish wellness programs, which would provide rewards and incentives for participation in programs designed to promote health and prevent disease.

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