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Enclosed is my Annual Newsletter that I send to residents in the 124th Assembly District. It includes information on this year’s budget and key legislation and local issues. I hope you enjoy the latest newsletter. As always, if my office may be of assistance to you, please feel free to contact me.

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2008-2009 Budget:
More Debt, Taxes and Fees
I am very troubled with this year’s budget and New York’s high rate of spending. Despite warnings from fiscal analysts and the State Comptroller, this year’s budget increases the state’s debt load by $3.2 billion, increases spending by 4.9 percent and increases taxes and fees by almost $2.2 billion. Additionally, the budget shifted a lot of the traditional state costs onto our local counties. This is not the direction the state should be taking at this time. That is why I voted against most of the budget bills – even when I supported many of its provisions. I could not vote for much of the budget because it failed to be fiscally responsible. Raising taxes and fees is the last thing we should be doing during times of economic hardship.
Legislative Priority: Unresolved Legislative Issues
  • Meaningful property tax relief for New York’s residents and businesses;
  • Restricting unfunded mandates placed on localities and school districts;
  • Providing energy relief for families;
  • Renewing Article X to increase the energy supply and lower costs for homeowners and businesses;
  • Passing the Chronic Criminal Act so that we can place repeat offenders behind bars for a longer period of time;
  • Expanding the DNA database to include all finger printable offenses; and
  • Strengthening Ethics Reform Laws.

Working for people across Onondaga County
Veterans to Benefit from New Laws
Legislation (A.11493) amends the real property tax law to allow the National Guard and Reservists to receive the Veterans Real Property Tax exemption even while serving. This exemption will at least give those property owners and their families a slight tax break. In this war, many reservists are being asked to stay for longer durations and often beyond the time they themselves expected. This bill is currently awaiting the approval of the Governor.
Skaneateles Fire Department
Last year, there were questions as to whether the legislative grant that I secured for the Skaneateles Fire Department would be available to the fire department for the purchase of their air compressor. I was pleased that earlier in the year, we were able to resolve the issue and the Skaneateles Fire Department will receive the $27,000 grant as promised. The department and its volunteers provide an invaluable service to the entire community and I am pleased that we have been able to help them with this acquisition.
Onondaga Community College
During initial budget negotiations, I was concerned that Onondaga Community College was not included in the list of schools to receive capital funding. Upon further budget talks a consensus was reached to include capital funding for Onondaga Community College in the amount of $34.2 million.
Historic Home Tax Credit (A.30000)
This region is rich with historic properties and this legislation gives people and businesses more incentive to invest in older homes and businesses which greatly add to the landscape and character of our towns and villages. The Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program expands the law to provide an additional $15 million in tax cuts beginning in 2009. This legislation awaits the Governor’s signature.
Truck Traffic
I was pleased that after several years of working on this issue, we have begun to make headway in addressing the serious threat that truck traffic poses to our local towns and villages. Protecting the quality of life for all residents is important to me and I am happy that the Governor has decided to help the residents who live here and direct the Department of Transportation to draft regulations to manage truck traffic in the Finger Lakes area. The draft regulations are on the State Department of Transportation Website and I expect they will go to public comment soon. To review the regulations, please visit:

Around the District
Higher gas prices have caused many families to look for local vacations and day trips. The good news is that we have a lot of great attractions right here in Central New York to keep us busy- and we are helping out our local economy! Here are some websites that may be helpful in planning a local vacation:

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