Assemblyman Will Barclay
is fighting to protect our
second amendment right

Dear Neighbor,

I strongly support our Second Amendment Right to bear arms. This right is an important part of our Upstate culture. While I strongly support this right, there are many legislators who would like to see the state implement more gun control measures. We are seeing this movement at both the state and federal level.

Each year, the Assembly Majority introduces a series of bills known as the Majority Gun Package. While I agree that our state must address gun-related crimes, I strongly oppose these bills. If Albany is serious about solving gun violence in the state, a greater effort must be made in pursuing criminals who obtain guns illegally and perpetrate these crimes, rather than imposing more restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

I would encourage you to keep up your grassroots efforts. This year, I have received many letters, emails and phone calls from constituents who are opposed to these bills. Contacting your representatives is important because it gives you an opportunity to find out where they stand on these issues. It also holds them accountable.

As a sportsman and a supporter of our constitutional right to bear arms, I will continue to oppose these bills.

Very truly yours,

New York City Wants To Solve Its Gun Violence Problem by Placing Tougher Restrictions on Upstate Hunters and Sportsmen
While I strongly opposed all fourteen bills contained in the Assembly Majority’s legislative firearms package, I am especially concerned about the following:
“These new restrictions are not the answer to solving New York’s gun violence problem. Albany should be passing legislation that will help pursue criminals who obtain their guns illegally, not legislation that imposes restrictions on law-abiding New Yorkers.”

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