• Reduce Taxes and State Spending
  • Small Business Relief
  • Preserving Manufacturing
  • Green Jobs Development and Energy Relief
Assemblyman Will Barclay
200 North Second Street
Fulton, NY 13069
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Albany Office:
546 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12248
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Dear Neighbor,

Over the past few decades, New York’s economy has been in a state of serious decline. High taxes and an unfriendly economic environment have sent many jobs and businesses to friendlier states, and in some cases overseas.

The future of our state is dependent upon an improved business climate and its ability to create and maintain jobs for young professionals coming out of New York State colleges and trade schools. However, with our state having the highest cost of doing business, some of the highest energy prices, and the worst combined tax burden in the country, it is clear why the economy, especially Upstate, continues to decline.

That is why I support measures to reduce the tax burden on businesses, lower energy costs, and eliminate harmful business regulations in order to provide incentives for job creation and maintenance that will create a better local economy for Central New York.

Will Barclay
Member of Assembly
124th District

Will Barclay’s Plan to Bring
Jobs Back to Central New York
“Cutting taxes, capping state spending, lowering energy assessments, and providing job growth initiatives will help rebuild our state’s economy and put New Yorkers back to work. In Albany, I will continue to advocate for pro-business legislation to support our local economy.”
Reduce Taxes and State Spending
  • Implement a state spending cap to limit the growth of government.

  • Consolidate state agencies.

  • Establish real property tax reform that will allow businesses to stay in New York.

Small Business Relief

  • Provide education grants to business owners and employees for courses necessary for the support and operation of a micro-enterprise business.

  • Require that at least 15 percent of state contracts are with businesses employing 100 or fewer employees.

  • Authorize a sales tax exemption for businesses located in an Academic Incubator facility.

  • Establish a College to Work Program that will provide companies that pay college tuition for employees with a tax credit.

  • Provide a Small Business Energy Tax Reduction.

  • Provide a tax credit for businesses that provide on-the-job training.

Preserving Manufacturing

  • Provide a tax credit of 1.5% of the eligible wages to manufacturers who maintain certain employment levels. If the employer increases employment, they would receive additional credits based on employee wages.

  • Make New York manufacturers eligible for energy tax credits.

  • Immediately repeal the corporate franchise and personal income taxes for manufacturers.

  • Establish a program to allow community colleges to develop high-tech manufacturing job training programs to retrain displaced manufacturing workers.

  • Create a partnership between community colleges and BOCES to establish a High-Tech Manufacturing Job Training Program.

Green Jobs Development and Energy Relief
  • Reduce taxes and other regulatory costs on energy.

  • Eliminate the energy assessments added in by last year’s budget.

  • Provide a tax credit to businesses for each full-time green job created or maintained.

  • Establish a tax exemption for businesses that operate with at least 25 percent of their energy consumption coming from green power.

  • Eliminate state sales tax on the purchase of any materials or services used in green development.

  • Allow localities to exempt green power and energy efficiency projects for a home or business from real property tax and sales tax.

  • Support continued operation of existing nuclear power generating facilities to ensure stable and competitive prices.

  • Renew Article X of the Public Service Law, which would enable energy generating facilities to be built in New York.

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