January 25, 2017

Statement from Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Francisco Moya on President Trump's Immigration and Border Control Plan

Today we see that the ugliest parts of Donald Trump's campaign were not just rhetoric, but a priority agenda that puts hatred ahead of unity, and we legislators in New York must take swift and resolute action to protect and insulate immigrant families in our state. By instituting a ban on immigrants and refugees from Muslim countries and creating a wall, President Trump is casting a wide net and shutting an already narrow door on the diversity that makes us great.

This is profoundly un-American and we must do all we can to combat the hatred and racism of these misguided policies.

The New York State Assembly will soon take up legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Francisco Moya (A.3049) to promote fair and just treatment of immigrants in New York State, help ensure that they have access to vital services and protect against unlawful detention, interrogation and any other efforts to deprive them of basic human rights. Our proposals would prohibit detention of immigrants based on administratively issued detainer warrants; protect against unnecessary inquiries into immigration status; prohibit state and local support for federal registries that are created based on a person's race, ethnicity, religion or county of origin; ensure that all persons are afforded due process; and provide legal assistance for immigrants.

The Assembly Majority does not believe in public policies that intimidate and instill fear in our families. Immigrants are a prized part of New York's rich heritage and we intend to preserve that legacy for generations to come.

While Trump builds a wall, we here in New York must work to build trust between local law enforcement and the people they serve. We must codify the confidentiality of any personal information immigrants provide so that it can never be used against them and we must extend the right to counsel to all immigrants caught in the deportation system.

It's up to leaders in New York and around the country to stand up to this agenda of hatred and prejudice. It only serves to blemish the United States' reputation on the world stage. We must be willing to do all we can to stop this.