Assembly Announces $1.3 Billion for Street and Highway Improvement in SFY 2024-25 Budget

Includes $333.2 Million for Upstate Transit

Speaker Heastie and Transportation Committee Chair William B. Magnarelli announced that the Enacted State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2024-25 includes $1.3 billion for capital aid to localities, including funding restorations of $60 million for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) and $40 million for the State Route NY Program. It will also provide $333.2 million for Upstate New York transit systems, an increase of $10 million above the executive proposal, and include provisions to combat toll evasion and strengthen stretch limousine safety.

“Safe and efficient roadways and transit underpin our state's economic vitality, improve public safety and contribute to overall quality of life,” said Speaker Heastie. “The Assembly Majority remains committed to ensuring that our transportation infrastructure continues to meet the needs of all New Yorkers.”

“Well-maintained roads and highways facilitate the smooth transportation of goods and services, fostering commerce and economic growth,” said Assemblymember Magnarelli. “The investments in this budget to support CHIPs and the State Route NY Program, as well as its sensible provisions to combat toll evasion, will only work to further strengthen our state’s robust transportation infrastructure.”

Capital Investments

The enacted budget provides $1.3 billion for capital aid to localities, which includes $60 million for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPs) and $40 million for the State Route NY Program. The budget also provides $165.5 million for transit systems not part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), including the addition of $26 million for the rehabilitation of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) passenger rail system. Additionally, $20 million will be allocated for the Metro North Railroad Hudson River Line resiliency projects and $18 million for the Joseph P. Morelle Intermodal Transportation Center in Rochester.

Transit Operating Assistance

The enacted budget provides $333.2 million for upstate transit operating assistance. This is a total year-to-year increase of $26.6 million, or 8.7 percent above the SFY 2023-24 level.

The budget also provides $16.3 million for the MTA service enhancements and discounts, including frequency enhancements on seven express routes traveling from the outer boroughs into Manhattan, frequency improvements and extended operating hours on 13 local routes spanning all five boroughs, and an additional 10 percent discount on monthly LIRR and MNR passes for trips within New York City.

Stretch Limousine Safety Provisions

Provisions in the SFY 2024-25 Enacted Budget include a number of safety requirements for the operation of stretch limousines, including requiring transparency of vehicle safety information, providing safety equipment as well as rollover and anti-intrusion protection, requiring mandatory retirement of stretch limousines at 10 years or 350,000 miles, establishing pre-trip passenger safety briefings and imposing fines for the operation of suspended vehicles.

Combating Toll Evasion

The SFY 2024-25 Enacted Budget includes measures to enhance toll enforcement, including provisions relating to covered or obscured license plates and non-payment of toll liabilities. The use of fake or so-called “ghost” plates is banned, and sales of license plate covers, fake license plates and materials or devices intended for this purpose will be prohibited. Penalties for covering or obscuring license plates are increased, including $100 to $500 fines, and motor vehicle registrations may be suspended for 90 days when a person is convicted of three or more violations within five years. Persons convicted of violations will be required to surrender covers or fake plates to the court. Finally, the five largest tolling authorities in the state are authorized to enter judgments for unpaid liabilities for tolls, fees or other charges after the exhaustion of remedies and a notification of sent until such unpaid liabilities are paid.