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A.+7303 Summary:

COSPNSRFahy, Paulin, Jaffee, Lifton, Linares, McDonald, Mosley, Otis, Russell, Ryan, Schimel, Zebrowski, Bronson, Skartados, Buchwald, Mayer, Glick, Dinowitz, Kavanagh, Crespo, Seawright, Barrett, O'Donnell, Moya, Brennan, Colton, Weinstein, Lavine, Benedetto, Miller, Lentol, Brindisi, Santabarbara, Skoufis, Cahill, Abinanti, Duprey, Lupardo, Galef, Stirpe, Simon, Gunther, Ortiz, Weprin, Englebright, Steck, Ramos, Rosenthal, Cancel
MLTSPNSRCeretto, Corwin, Goodell, Graf, Johns, Lopez, Magee, McDonough, McLaughlin, Murray, Palmesano, Ra, Raia, Stec, Tenney
Amd Part EE subpart E S1, Chap 56 of 2015; amd SS3012-d & 305, Ed L
Relates to annual performance review public comment period; directs the release of statewide English language arts and mathematics exam questions; relates to the addition of student characteristics for consideration of student performance; establishes a content review committee for reviewing standardized test items; relates to the board of regents; directs the commissioner to conduct a comprehensive review of education standards administered by the state education department; appropriates money therefor.
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