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A08447 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRFitzpatrick, Murray, Castelli, Conte, Burling, Ceretto, Smardz, Friend, Katz, Blankenbush, Palmesano, Crouch, McLaughlin, Hanna, Hawley, Lopez P, Montesano, Saladino, Graf, Goodell, Tenney, Jordan, Amedore, McDonough, Curran, Oaks, Corwin
MLTSPNSRLosquadro, Miller D
Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts the taxpayer protection and mandate relief act; enacts various reforms relating to government spending including a spending growth cap, employee contributions to health insurance, limiting unfunded mandates, labor law reforms relating to public works projects, repeal of the WICKS law and reductions in reporting requirements under the education law.
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