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A08663 Summary:

COSPNSRJaffee, Jacobson, Zebrowski, Griffin, Sayegh, Abinanti, Seawright, Magnarelli, Burke, Gottfried, Simon, Glick, Wright, Mosley, Galef, Ortiz
Amd §§1399-aa & 1399-cc, add §1399-mm-1, Pub Health L; add §398-g, Gen Bus L
Provides that each electronic cigarette or vapor product manufacturer or importer, or agents thereof, shall submit to the department of health: a listing of all ingredients, including substances, compounds, and additives that are, as of such date, added by the manufacturer to a vapor product; a description of the content, delivery, and form of nicotine in each vapor product measured in milligrams of nicotine in accordance with regulations promulgated by the department; and a listing of all constituents, including smoke constituents as applicable, identified by the department as harmful or potentially harmful to health in each vapor product by brand and by quantity in each brand and sub brand; defines "vapor product"; requires a list of ingredients of such electronic cigarette or vapor product be on the packaging of such products; makes related provisions.
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