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A01928 Summary:

COSPNSRAbbate, Abinanti, Ashby, Barron, Braunstein, Cahill, Carroll, Colton, DeStefano, Dinowitz, Englebright, Epstein, Galef, Glick, Hevesi, Hyndman, Lavine, Magnarelli, Montesano, Morinello, Palmesano, Peoples-Stokes, Rivera J, Rosenthal L, Salka, Simon, Steck, Stirpe, Thiele, Walczyk, Cymbrowitz, Tague, Brabenec, Smullen, Cusick, Lupardo, Eichenstein, Seawright, Miller B, Pheffer Amato, Norris, Hawley, Otis, Kim, Giglio JM, Taylor, Quart, Walsh, Manktelow, Barrett, Cruz, Frontus, Fahy, O'Donnell, Wallace, Richardson, Niou, Jacobson, Woerner, Reyes, Aubry, Buttenschon, Barnwell, Zebrowski, De La Rosa, Bichotte Hermelyn, Bronson, Gallagher, Lemondes, Lawler, Gonzalez-Rojas, Paulin, Mitaynes
MLTSPNSRCook, McDonough
Amd Art 7 2 - 6, Constn
Provides that the Governor's annual budget proposal to the Legislature shall include statements of any new legislation, amendment to legislation, or limitation on the effect of any legislation contained in the budget; makes related provisions granting the legislature an equal role with the governor in the budget process.
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