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A02348 Summary:

COSPNSRBarron, Seawright, Simon, Gottfried, Steck, De La Rosa, Frontus, Epstein, Rosenthal L, Burgos, Forrest, Reyes, Mamdani, Quart, Cruz, Gonzalez-Rojas, Aubry, Jackson, Burdick, Gallagher, Mitaynes, Fernandez, Lavine, Kelles, Septimo, Rivera JD
Amd 60.02 & 80.05, add 80.20, rpld 60.35, Pen L; amd 503, 235, 1203-g & 1800, add 1811, rpld 1809 - 1809-e, V & T L; rpld 71-0213, En Con L; amd 1101, CPLR; amd 259-i, 837-i & 259-j, rpld 837-j, rpld & add 257-c, Exec L; amd 27.12, rpld 27.12 sub 5, Pks & Rec L; amd 4-411, Vil L; amd 99-n, St Fin L; amd 154 & 205, rpld 201 sub 9, Cor L; amd 420.10, 420.30 & 430.20, add 420.11, rpld 420.10 subs 3 & 4, 420.35, 430.20 sub 5, 420.30 sub 3, CP L
Eliminates court surcharges and fees and probation and parole surcharges and fees; eliminates the requirement that a parolee or releasee receiving a merit termination of sentence be financially able to comply with an order of restitution; and eliminates the requirement that a person receiving a discharge of sentence be financially able to comply with an order of restitution and the payment of certain surcharges or fees (Part A); prohibits mandatory minimum fines for penal law and vehicle and traffic offenses (Part B); mandates that courts engage in an individualized assessment of a person's financial ability to pay a fine prior to imposing a fine (Part C); eliminates the availability of incarceration as a remedy for a failure to pay a fine, surcharge, or fee, lifts and vacates existing warrants issued solely on a person's failure to timely pay a fine, surcharge or fee and ends existing sentences of incarceration based on such failure (Part D); vacates existing unsatisfied civil judgments based on a person's failure to timely pay a surcharge, or fee (Part E); prohibits the collection of a fine, restitution or reparation from the funds of an incarcerated person; prohibits the payment of court fines, mandatory surcharges, certain fees, restitution, reparation or forfeitures from the earnings of prisoners (Part F); and vacates existing unpaid surcharges, DNA databank fees, crime victim assistance fees, sexual offender registration fees, supplemental sex offender victim fees, or probation or parole supervision fees; repeals certain provisions of law relating to restrictions on remitting such fees (Part G).
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