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A03483 Summary:

SPONSORRosenthal L
COSPNSRKelles, Cruz, Jean-Pierre, Glick, Lucas, Seawright, Reyes, Davila, Simone, Simon, Raga, Shimsky, Levenberg, Burdick, Tapia
Amd §611, Cor L
Relates to the provision of breast pumps and related collection and storage materials to all mothers who are confined in or committed to an institution or local correctional facility with or without their child subject to specific time limitations; requires institutions and local correctional facilities to provide pumps and related materials to such mothers, but not beyond the date such child reaches twenty-four months of age except in limited circumstances related to parole; allows children to remain with their mothers in a correctional institution until twenty-four months of age, or longer in certain cases related to parole; requires the commissioner of corrections and community supervision to issue an annual report on data relating to incarcerated mothers.
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