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A06414 Summary:

SPONSORDinowitz (MS)
COSPNSRSayegh, Thiele, Glick, Cruz, Lavine, Carroll, Colton, Hyndman, Dickens, Simon, Epstein, Rosenthal L, McMahon, Paulin, Fahy, Reyes, Seawright, Otis, Steck, Jacobson, Wallace, Gallagher, Gonzalez-Rojas, Lupardo, Jones, Zebrowski, Lunsford, Anderson, Rozic, Santabarbara, Stern, Davila, Rosenthal D, Barrett, Burdick, Woerner, Walker, Peoples-Stokes, Clark, Stirpe, Hunter, Gandolfo, Durso, Kelles, Weprin, Jean-Pierre, Braunstein, Rajkumar, Simpson, Burgos, Ra, Ramos, Fall, Mamdani, Brown K, Sillitti, Joyner, Forrest, Dilan, Kim, Septimo, Bichotte Hermelyn, Jackson, Meeks, Pheffer Amato, Mitaynes, Williams, Hevesi, McDonald, Raga, Cunningham, Shimsky, Levenberg, Ardila, Simone
Add §§17-c, 18-c & 18-d, Transp L; amd §2878-a, Pub Auth L; amd §104, Gen Muni L; add §66-v, amd §66-s, Pub Serv L
Relates to the purchase of zero-emission buses and the procurement of electric-powered buses, vehicles or other related equipment and infrastructure; requires public utilities to have infrastructure, capacity, facilities, and transmission and distribution systems needed to supply power for the charging of zero-emission buses and provides a tariff for charging of electric buses.
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