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A10138 Summary:

COSPNSRGlick, O'Donnell, Cruz, Clark, Simon, Rosenthal L
Add 659, Fam Ct Act; add 837-w, Exec L; amd 3119, CPLR; amd 140.10, add 570.17, CP L
Prohibits consideration of a law of another state that authorizes a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on the parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender affirming care in custody cases; prohibits law enforcement agencies from cooperating with or providing information to any individual or out-of-state agency or department regarding the provision of lawful gender affirming care performed in this state; prohibits the issuance of a subpoena in connection with certain out-of-state proceedings relating to seeking health or related information about people who come to New York to receive gender affirming care; prohibits the arrest of a person for performing or aiding in the lawful performance of gender affirming care within this state; relates to the extradition of gender affirming care providers.
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