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A10408 Summary:

SPONSORRules (Brown K)
COSPNSRMcDonough, DeStefano, Gallahan
Add Art 29 §§827-a - 827-j, amd §§161, 166, 169, 270, 296 & 296-c, Exec L; rpld Arts 13-F & 13-G, add Art 13-F §§1399-aa & 1399-bb, amd §§1399-n, 1399-o & 2807-v, Pub Health L; amd §§7, 8 & 14, Cannabis L; amd §10, ABC L; amd §19.06, Ment Hyg L; amd §§480-a, 480-b & 1607, Tax L; amd §399-gg, Gen Bus L; amd §73, Pub Off L
Establishes the tobacco, nicotine and vaping law which places certain current and new provisions relating to tobacco, nicotine and vaping under a new chapter of laws; establishes the adult-use substances authority which shall have authority over the state liquor authority, cannabis control board and the tobacco, nicotine and vaping authority; establishes the tobacco and vapor product use prevention and control program and the electronic cigarette and vaping prevention, awareness and control program to educate the public, including students about the risks associated with the use of tobacco, nicotine and vaping.
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