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A10500 Summary:

SPONSORRules (O'Donnell)
Amd §§25.24, 25.07, 25.23 & 25.29, add §25.06, Arts & Cul L; amd §4, Chap 704 of 1991; amd §11, Chap 151 of 2010
Enacts into law components of legislation that relate to live event ticket sales; institutes civil penalties for utilizing ticket purchasing software; increases civil penalties currently in place and institutes new penalties for second offenses for licensees (Part A); requires full ticket prices to be disclosed prior to a customer purchasing such ticket; requires such price to remain the same during the purchase process (Part B); prohibits the resale of a ticket if such ticket was initially offered to the public at no charge (Part C); requires online resale marketplaces to clearly and conspicuously disclose the established price charged by the operator of a place of entertainment that is printed or endorsed on the face of each ticket (Part D); allows reasonable and actual costs to be charged for the physical delivery of certain tickets (Part E); extends the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to tickets to places of entertainment (Part F).
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