Assemblyman Santabarbara: Last year’s Progress is This Year’s Momentum

“As we head into the 2022 state legislative session with a new governor, I hope to not only see a new commitment to collaboration and transparency, but also new ideas on how to better serve our upstate communities in the wake of a challenging year. I look forward to continuing my work that includes investing in small businesses and getting our economy back on track; re-imagining the role of infrastructure in connecting people and places, both in the physical and digital world; and bringing about a much-needed expansion of our health care workforce, especially in rural communities.

“As always, I’ll continue to be strong voice for our upstate communities and I’ll always fight to make sure our government is accountable to us. While this past year was a tough one, I’m approaching the new year with hope, optimism, and the mettle it takes to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. We have a lot of work to do, but with all we’ve overcome over the past two years, we can reshape how our government serves its people and make sure we come back stronger than ever.”