Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara & Siena Men’s Basketball to Host Annual Sensory-Friendly Autism Awareness Basketball Game

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced he will be co-hosting the third annual Sensory-Friendly Autism Awareness basketball game with the Siena College’s men’s basketball team.

“As Chair of the Assembly’s Subcommittee on Autism Spectrum Disorders and a father of a son with autism, I’ve seen how overly stimulating events can bar people with sensory sensitivities from enjoying everyday events and activities. We cannot create a truly inclusive society for people with these special needs without the help of community partners, and that’s why I’m deeply thankful for all those that came together to make this event possible. Whether it’s on the basketball court or the floor of the Assembly, I’m bringing everyone to the table so we can build a world that embraces our differences.”

What: Annual Sensory-Friendly Autism Awareness Basketball Game
When: Sunday, January 9th
2 p.m.
Where: MVP Arena | Times Union Center
51 S. Pearl Street
Albany, N.Y. 12207
Contact: Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara
433 State Street
Schenectady, N.Y. 12305