Executive Budget Proposal is a Big Step Forward in Making CDTA Bus Service a Reality in the City of Amsterdam and Montgomery County Areas of the 111th Assembly District

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, Chair of the Assembly’s Rural Resources Commission, continues efforts to bring Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) bus services to the City of Amsterdam and Montgomery County areas of the 111th Assembly District following the executive budget’s support for the proposal. 

“Public transportation is a critical component to building strong communities: It fosters connection, boosts the local economy and helps residents – especially commuters, seniors and students – get to their destinations safely,” Santabarbara said, who has worked on the proposal since 2018 as Montgomery County has struggled with a lack of public transit options. “I’ve worked on this critical issue here in my Assembly District over the years – and with early support from the governor in this year’s budget process, I believe we’re on track to make that a reality. With budget negotiations around the corner, you can be sure I’ll continue my efforts to get this much-needed expansion across the finish line.”

Montgomery County, including the city of Amsterdam, has been without a public transportation system since the Amsterdam Transportation Department was abolished in April 2018. This year’s executive proposal would allow CDTA to receive State Transit Operating Assistance (STOA) funds to expand bus services in the western portion of Santabarbara’s Assembly District. The expansion has the support of state and local leaders and community advocates.

Over the years, Santabarbara has built support for the initiative, writing letters to federal legislators, and recently, joining CDTA representatives for a local tour of possible bus routes. Just last year, the federal government also enacted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which included funding for a CDTA expansion project. This funding enables CDTA to purchase the needed electric buses that would support the expansion proposal. This federal funding, coupled with support in this year’s state budget would make the CDTA expansion a reality and help accelerate economic recovery here in our area of upstate New York, Santabarbara noted.