Gas Tax Legislation Would Result in Big Savings for Commuters – and Consumers

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced last week that he’s introducing legislation to suspend the state tax on gasoline and diesel fuel for one year, helping New Yorkers save money at the pump during this critical period of New York’s economic recovery.

Gas prices have continued to surge this week, and Assemblyman Santabarbara’s legislation will be able to save New Yorkers significant amounts of money both at the gas pump – and in store aisles that have seen increased prices due to increasing transportation costs. The savings are detailed below:

For Commuters: If a commuter drives a car with a 20-gallon tank, and refuels only twice a week, a suspension of the tax on gasoline would save that individual $19.28 per week, and $1,002.98 per year. For working families with more than one car per household, these savings would be significant.

For Consumers: The increases in gasoline and diesel prices are not only being felt at the gas pump, but also in store aisles, where the prices of essential goods are increasing because of increased shipping and transportation costs. For a semi-truck driver who fills up two standard size 150-gallon tanks once a day, the weekly savings would be $986.58. Over the span of a year, the savings per truck would be $51,302.16. If these savings were passed along to consumers, the average family would get some much-needed financial relief to inflated prices that they have seen when purchasing groceries and other essential goods.

“As prices at the gas pump and in store aisles soar, New Yorkers need relief – immediately,” said Assemblyman Santabarbara, who is a member of the New York State Assembly’s Energy Committee. “My legislation will provide immediate savings to both consumers and commuters during this crisis. New York families deserve to keep their hard-earned money in their pockets, and that is why I have introduced this legislation to suspend the State gas tax for one year.”