Santabarbara Urges Public Input on Rotterdam Water Meter Plan

The town of Rotterdam is in the process of determining whether it will approve a timeline to install water meters at town residences. Members of the board have until the end of this month to decide whether they approve the plan. According to a newspaper article recently published in the Daily Gazette, the plan will cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars for new water meters in addition to the cost of installation at their homes — projected to be as high as $8 million dollars.

In a letter to the Rotterdam Town Board, Santabarbara wrote, “This proposal will saddle our town with additional taxes and fees that our residents simply cannot afford.” Please click here to read the full text of the letter.

“We’re already overtaxed here in Rotterdam, and it appears this plan is going to cost taxpayers hundreds of dollars for new meters and hundreds more to install them at people’s homes, and then we’ll be charged new fees for the water we use every day,” Santabarbara said.

Santabarbara also noted that all the details of the plan have not been provided to the public, including how the meters will work, the rates residents will pay for daily water usage, how meters will be read, and how billing will work. He’s urging the town board to hold a public hearing on the matter.

“It’s irresponsible to consider any such program without all the details fully defined and without public input. This is something that will affect our daily lives and residents deserve to have their voices heard,” Santabarbara added.