Assemblyman Santabarbara: New Law Helps Keep our Kids Safe at Camps

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced that a new law he helped pass will ensure all summer camps background checks in place for their employees and volunteers in both state and national databases (Ch. 248 of 2022).

“Summer camp is a time-honored tradition for so many families, a place where children can enjoy the outdoors, explore a passion, bond with their peers, learn new skills and expand their horizons,” said Santabarbara. “By requirement background checks for camp counselors and staff, we can help ensure the safety of our kids.”

Under previous law, only summer camps that are regulated by the state Department of Health (DOH) were required to conduct background checks for camp staff and volunteers. This new law expands the background check requirement to include non-regulated camps, as well as requires camps to screen individuals on both the state and national sex offender registries. By making the standard the same for all types of camps in the state, this legislation makes it easier for camp operators to ensure they’re complying with state law, noted Santabarbara.