Statement from Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara in Support of Teamsters Union Workers Rallying for a Fair Labor Contract at UPS

“As an advocate for workers' rights and fair labor practices, I stand in strong support with Teamsters Local 294 and their pursuit of a fair contract, particularly concerning fair wages for part-time UPS workers. The impending expiration of the UPS/Teamsters Contract at the end of the month has brought to light the pressing need for comprehensive negotiations that address the concerns of the workers.

The prospect of a strike is not surprising when workers witness their bosses amassing record profits while simultaneously subjecting them to undue pressure and financial strain. At a time when economic disparities continue to widen, it is crucial that we stand united in support of fair wages for all workers, including part time workers. These individuals form an essential part of the workforce, contributing to the success and efficiency of UPS. Their dedication and hard work deserve to be recognized and rewarded accordingly.

I support the teamsters and their cause and will continue to advocate for policies that ensure the rights and well-being of all workers. Let us seize this moment to make a resounding statement that workers' rights must be protected, and fair contracts are not negotiable."