Santabarbara Letter to NYC Mayor Calling for Action on Concerns Over Busing of Migrants to Rotterdam, NY

Today, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara sent a letter to Mayor Eric Adams of the City of New York, expressing deep concern and dissatisfaction regarding the practice of busing migrant individuals from New York City to upstate communities, including Rotterdam, without any prior notice or communication to local government officials.

Santabarbara emphasized the importance of a fair and equitable approach to handling migration and providing assistance to those in need. However, the lack of communication and consultation with local government officials has raised significant ethical and logistical concerns among the residents of upstate communities.

"It is essential that our communities be informed and engaged in any decisions that directly impact the people living here,” said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. “The absence of such communication leaves us ill-prepared to provide the necessary support and resources to these individuals, which can lead to unintended consequences and strains on local infrastructure."

The Assemblyman also expressed concern over the displacement of people already residing in facilities in upstate communities, particularly those living in poverty and experiencing personal hardships themselves. He emphasized that upstate communities have their own challenges in addressing poverty and ensuring the welfare of their residents, and the busing operations without proper planning or support mechanisms can exacerbate these existing issues, creating further hardships for vulnerable individuals already facing adversity.

In his letter, Assemblyman Santabarbara urged Mayor Adams to reconsider the current approach to addressing the challenges faced by migrants arriving in New York City. He stressed that communication with local government officials is paramount to ensure that all residents receive the support and care they require.

Additionally, the Assemblyman encouraged Mayor Adams to consider the socioeconomic impacts of these decisions and to work collaboratively with local officials to find sustainable solutions that do not worsen the struggles of those already facing poverty in upstate communities. By addressing the root causes and engaging in meaningful dialogue, more effective ways to tackle these challenges can be found.