Santabarbara Requests Common Core Forum to Be Held in Montgomery County

In Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s (D-Rotterdam) opinion, New York State Education Department Commissioner John King’s decision to host additional forums around the state to discuss the new Common Core educational standards doesn’t go far enough in addressing the concerns of local residents. So, Santabarbara has written a letter to Commissioner King requesting that he hold an additional Common Core forum in Montgomery County.

“School administrators, teachers and parents of children in our school districts are not being afforded the opportunity they need to be heard in the discussion on the state’s new Common Core curriculum,” Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara said. “Of the 12 locations planned for these discussions, none of them are easy to get to for Montgomery County residents.”

In his letter to Commissioner King, Santabarbara wrote:

“I would like to request that the State Education Department consider scheduling an additional forum in Montgomery County. As you travel the state to engage in this important dialogue with New Yorkers, parents and educators in Montgomery County should have an equal opportunity to participate. We all share a paramount concern for the education and future of our children; I am confident that by working together we can better serve their interests.”

Following his cancellation of a series of forums on the Common Core curriculum, and the subsequent criticism he received from school administrators, teachers, parents and elected officials, Commissioner John King announced on October 18 that he would resume the forums and hold them at 12 locations across New York State. However, there are no forums scheduled to be held in Montgomery or any other neighboring counties.

To see the letter to Commissioner King in full, please visit Assemblyman Santabarbara’s webpage at