Santabarbara Tells Thruway Authority ‘NO’ to Increased Tolls to Pay for Tappan Zee

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) sent a letter to Thruway Authority Chairman Howard Milstein today outlining his concerns regarding rumored Thruway toll increases to pay for the Tappan Zee Bridge. In the letter he mentions the 2012 proposal to increase large truck tolls by 45 percent, which Santabarbara also opposed and was ultimately withdrawn.

“Why should families and businesses who are 150 miles away from the Tappan Zee be forced to pay for its replacement,” said Santabarbara. “Increased tolls mean increased costs for our families and businesses, and while we’re working to make New York more affordable it takes us a step in the wrong direction.”

Assemblyman Santabarbara also said the Thruway Authority was recently audited by the comptroller and was found to be out of compliance with requirements passed in 2009 aimed at making it more transparent and accountable to taxpayers.