Letter to Governor Cuomo Concerning Broadband

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224 Dear Governor Cuomo, I am requesting your support for expanding access to affordable high-speed broadband for the people of the 111th Assembly District and the region. You have expressed ongoing support for programs and funding to expand access to high-quality broadband, including your recent “New NY Broadband Fund” proposal, and I urge you to focus these efforts in Montgomery, Schenectady and Albany counties. There are many upstate communities that do not have access to the affordable high-speed broadband that is available in other parts of the state. Currently, nearly half of the 111th Assembly District doesn’t have access to the state’s minimum download speed of 6.5 Mbps. Additionally, virtually none of my constituents have access to download speeds of 100 Mbps, which is regarded by economic experts as the minimum speed needed for economic growth. Because of the limited options, many people in upstate communities have been forced to rely on slower wireless alternatives, which are much more expensive than cable broadband and are cost prohibitive for many individuals and businesses. High-quality broadband is a critical piece of infrastructure for the 21st century. The inability to access affordable high-speed broadband limits job creation, restricts teaching opportunities and detracts from quality of life. I believe it is critical for New York to invest in public-private partnerships that expand the availability of affordable high-speed broadband. This would be a wise investment for the future and a smart use of the state’s recent financial settlements. Please let me know how my office can help accelerate the expansion of affordable high-speed broadband in the 111th Assembly District and throughout the region. I’m confident that working together on this issue we can create new economic opportunities, improve education outcomes and satisfy consumer demand. Sincerely,
Angelo Santabarbara
111TH DISTRICT Cc: David Salway, director of the New York State Broadband Program