Assembly Passes Santabarbara’s Bill to Ensure Property Tax Relief for Veterans

A bill sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam), to ensure veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq receive their property tax exemption, has passed the Assembly and is moving through the state Senate (A.2368-A).

“As we head into the end of this year’s legislative session, we must make sure that our seniors, children and veterans are taken care of,” said Assemblyman Santabarbara. “We have a strong history of supporting veterans and their families and this measure continues that commitment by showing those who have sacrificed for our country the appreciation they deserve. I urge the Senate to follow suit this year and help provide these brave men and women with much-need property tax relief they’ve earned.”

“I support Assemblyman Santabarbara’s push on this important issue to ensure that recent veterans receive the property tax relief they have earned,” said Ryan Smithson, a veteran of who served in Iraq and lives in Rotterdam.

Existing law states that veterans of the Persian Gulf conflict are eligible for a property tax relief. However, many veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been rejected by their local assessors even though they’re also covered. This bill would clarify for local assessors that the Persian Gulf reference under current law also includes veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assemblyman Santabarbara has been a staunch advocate for veterans. Last year, he helped enact into law the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act that set a 6 percent participation goal in the awarding of state contracts to service-disabled veteran-owned businesses (Chap. 22 of 2014).