Assemblyman Santabarbara Secures $1 Million Economic Development Investment for Region

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced on Sunday that he secured the $1 million needed to complete the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook Pedestrian Bridge in Amsterdam.

If this funding hadn’t been secured by Monday, the bold and transformational vision for the pedestrian bridge was in jeopardy of never being realized. Now that the bridge can be completed as initially proposed, it is anticipated to attract tens of thousands of visitors to the region, generate millions in local spending and help create new jobs.

“Investing in the completion of the bridge is a critical part of the ongoing recovery and bright future here, which is why I fought hard to secure this funding. A project like this can jumpstart development, as we have done with the revitalization of Schenectady, and I’m confident that this unique regional destination will attract additional investments for the entire area,” said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. “In Amsterdam, with the improvements to the waterfront and continuous development of downtown, we have seen the importance of taking pride in what we’re building for future generations and this bridge will stand as the centerpiece of those efforts.”

After the shortfall for the pedestrian bridge was identified, Assemblyman Santabarbara began working with local officials and state agencies to secure the necessary funding. The $1 million in funding to complete the bridge comes from a pool of available state funds allocated specifically for waterfront projects, like the pedestrian bridge.

“I applaud Assemblyman Santabarbara for his determination to complete this destination project for the City of Amsterdam and Montgomery County. The ancestral heritage of the Mohawk Valley reminds us all that we live in a history rich area that serves as a great source of pride and a magnet for tourism dollars,” said U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko. “As a co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Heritage Caucus, I will continue to protect, preserve, and promote our area and the history that has inspired us.”

“As a business owner in Amsterdam, I believe this city has the potential of making a big comeback and the investment secured by Assemblyman Santabarbara goes a long way to ensure that potentially is fully realized. The successful completion of this bridge will be a transformational point for the City of Amsterdam and the region,” said Paul Parillo, owner of L’ultimo restaurant and former Amsterdam mayor.

“This project culminates years of hard work and promise,” said Amsterdam Mayor Ann Thane. “The City of Amsterdam is very grateful to Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara for ensuring that the project is complete and will serve the community to its greatest benefit.”

“The investment secured by Assemblyman Santabarbara will ensure the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook Pedestrian Bridge reaches its full potential, which will benefit the entire region with thousands of new visitors and additional spending at local businesses. The completion of the pedestrian bridge will be a critical juncture in the ongoing recovery of Amsterdam and Montgomery County,” said Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce President Mark Kilmer.