Santabarbara: Final State Budget Puts the Freeze on SUNY Tuition Hikes

“Students deserve degrees, not crushing debt, and that’s why it was so important that the 2016-17 state budget put a stop to tuition hikes at our SUNY schools for the coming academic year.”

“With the freeze on tuition hikes, we also secured additional funding for SUNY schools, helping our state universities prepare our students for an ever-evolving 21st Century workforce.”

“I’ve always stood strong against any SUNY tuition increases. As a parent, I understand the struggles families face when planning for their child’s college education. By freezing SUNY tuition now, we are helping our children who have dealt with soaring tuition costs for too long and the student-loan debt that follows. With this budget we are helping more people access higher education without accruing a lifetime of debt.”