Santabarbara: “No Pensions for Corrupt Politicians”

Noting that his work to fight corruption in Albany is just getting started, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara announced that a resolution he is a sponsor of, calling to amend the New York State Constitution to strip pensions of public officials convicted of felony crimes related to their official duties, has passed the Assembly (A.7704).

“We are fed up with corruption and public officials who violate the trust of their offices," Santabarbara said. "This bipartisan measure is simple: 'No pensions for corrupt politicians!' It's a good first step toward addressing the frustrations of many New Yorkers, but our work to restore the public’s trust is only beginning. In addition to this measure, I urge the passage of additional legislation that I’m sponsoring to limit the outside income of all state lawmakers to ensure full commitment to the people we are elected to represent. We must ensure those we represent know that we are fully committed to the work we are sent here to do and it must be our number one priority. I’m also fighting to finally close the LLC loophole and have also introduced legislation that would set a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for politicians convicted of felonies.”

Santabarbara continued, “I gladly cast my ‘YES’ vote to strip pensions from corrupt politicians and ensure that our government works only for the people. Our state lawmakers must be willing to hold themselves to higher standards. More than half of New York State Assemblymembers are now new members like me. We are seeing many new faces in Albany. Corrupt politicians must face the full consequences of their actions, and we must have zero tolerance for those who violate public trust.”