Assemblyman Billy Jones: Rising Gas Prices are not Sustainable

“Everyone is hurting from the rising gas prices. Hardworking North Country residents cannot afford to fill their gas tanks while businesses and farmers are struggling to pay for the fuel to run their businesses. This will have even more impact on our regional economy when people choose not to travel to the North Country during the summer months, hurting more and more North Country businesses that depend on tourism. My colleagues and I in the state legislature suspended the state sales tax to help reduce the price of gas but as prices continue to rise, more needs to be done to lower gas prices. We have done all that we can on the state level, and I will continue to work with our federal representatives and local leaders to provide more relief at the pumps. Gas prices locally have increased over 25 cents since last week- this is simply not sustainable, and something has got to give. My office has received numerous complaints regarding high prices at the pump. The Attorney General is taking these complaints seriously and I encourage you all to reach out to her office to have your voices heard.”