Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner: New York’s Agri-Food Sector Receives Boost from State Budget

“As the chair of the Small Business Committee, I've witnessed the pressing need for small and startup agriculture food producers to access the specialized resources and advanced tools typically available only at the Cornell CALS Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture at the Geneva Station in the Finger Lakes. In this budget, I am proud to have secured funding for an Eastern NY satellite for the Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture. While Cornell CALS will determine the specific location, rest assured it will be strategically situated to serve our local food entrepreneurs and farmers conveniently.

“Overall support for agriculture in our state has been bolstered by an additional $1 million over last year’s budget – supporting valuable programs such as the Farm Viability Institute and Farmland for a New Generation and enabling them to expand their impactful initiatives. 

“Recognizing the importance of promoting local commodities, marketing dollars for staples like Apples, Maple, and Sheep will see a boost, showcasing New York's high-quality products to a wider audience. Additionally, county fairs will receive an increase in premium dollars, enhancing their role in celebrating our agricultural heritage.

“Addressing the persistent issue of hunger in our communities, the state budget allocates more funds for HPNAP and Nourish NY, vital resources for food pantries that support families across our region. Locally, I have once again secured $50,000 for Comfort Food Community and for Pitney Meadows Community Farm food security programs, ensuring that our communities have access to essential support during challenging times of rising grocery prices and stagnant wages.”