Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner:

New legislation incentivizes retention and hiring of local journalists

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner (D-Round Lake) announced inclusion of her Local Journalism Sustainability Act in the enacted 2024-2025 state budget (A.8806-C).

“Our local news outlets are vanishing,” said Woerner. “As more and more become absorbed into national conglomerates, or rely on national press to fill their pages, I am incredibly proud to have secured this new provision in the state budget that supports sustainability and growth of the local, independent news industry.”

The 2024-2025 enacted state budget includes a payroll tax credit for eligible news and broadcast media companies that allows for a 50% refundable credit against the first $50,000 of a journalist’s salary. “From large cities to the smallest neighborhoods, on-the-ground journalists are critical to keeping our communities connected,” Woerner added.