Celebrating Family and Legislative Service: Recap of Bring Your Parents to Work Day at the Capitol

On March 5, the halls of the Legislative Office Building in Albany resonated with warmth and familial pride as Assembly Member Chantel Jackson, in collaboration with the Legislative Women's Caucus, hosted a heartwarming Bring Your Parents to Work Day. This special event, aimed at creating stronger bonds between legislators and their families, provided a unique opportunity for parents to gain insight into their children's roles as public servants while celebrating the importance of family support in legislative service.

The day consisted of providing the parents with breakfast and a tour of the Legislative Office Building. One of the most memorable moments of the day came during the Legislative Session, where parents were welcomed onto the floor by Assembly Member Chantel Jackson herself. As the session commenced, legislators proudly introduced their parents to their colleagues, showcasing the strong familial ties influencing their commitment to public service.

Bring Your Parents to Work Day reminded us of the vital role that family plays in supporting and sustaining legislators in their duties. It was not just an event but a celebration of family, service, and the enduring spirit of collaboration that defines our legislative community.