A Breath of Relief: Wellness at The Well Event Offers Capitol Calm

Albany, NY – In the heart of the capital, Assembly Member Chantel Jackson, alongside Assembly Member Manny De Los Santos, hosted "Wellness at The Well." This gathering was about taking a break from the busy pace of politics to focus on mental health and well-being.

Aiming to create a space where people could relax, Assembly Member Jackson invited vendors who specialize in mental health and wellness. When attendees arrived, they found a calm atmosphere waiting for them. A yoga instructor led gentle exercises, helping everyone unwind and find a moment of peace. The event also featured small businesses selling skincare and handmade crafts. These vendors offered products aimed at making people feel good and taking care of themselves.

The event served as a reminder that wellness transcends boundaries and affiliations. Assembly Member Jackson and Assembly Member De Los Santos' partnership exemplified a commitment to holistic health, acknowledging that true prosperity encompasses not only legislative achievements but also the wellness of the individuals driving progress forward.