Tague Slams Budget as Bloated and Irresponsible, Putting Illegal Immigrants Before NY Families and Small Biz

“After passing this budget, we will be spending more annually as a state than Texas and Florida combined, and will be spending nearly as much as California’s governor has proposed to spend in his state this year, which has approximately twice as many residents as New York. We will be spending twice as muchproviding stimulus payments to illegal immigrants as we willsupporting our small businesses, while raising taxes by billions. This budget will make those in our state accustomed to state spending that cannot be sustained in years we aren’t federally bailed out, and force us to either raise taxes or make hard decisions that will hurt people who come to rely on this unsustainable spending. This budget is irresponsible and in no way puts New Yorkers first, so I will be voting against it and encourage others to do the same.”