Giglio Slams Governor’s Multi-Family Home Initiative

Assemblywoman Jodi Giglio (R,C,I-Riverhead) was joined by her Minority colleagues today at a press conference calling on the governor to rescind her budget proposal that includes accessory-dwelling units (ADU) to be built on Long Island and in other suburban areas around New York City. ADUs are multi-family homes built on land and many have septic systems. Concerns from both officials and advocates stress that such further expansion will end the suburban quality of life so many Long Islanders enjoy. Giglio specifically notes that school districts and the environment could suffer, while giving way to an increase in non-owner-occupied homes which is currently a requirement in most municipalities.

“The North Fork already struggles with the issue of Code Enforcement being unable to enforce rental laws.Quality of life will be sacrificed by many Long Islanders as corporations buy these multi-family units in our residential neighborhoods. I dread to think of how they will take advantage of this policy,” Giglio said. “ADUs present no solutions to overpopulation in the cities, but instead transfer that issue to the suburban region on Long Island. And because Long Island is not equipped for that level of population influx, we’re going to see a slew of tax hikes, utility rate spikes, and the potential for rent control dangers.”

Giglio argues, accommodating such an influx of people to Long Island will drastically change the landscape.“Civic maintenance costs will spike. The environment will suffer as sewers are not available to connect to which will lead to further water pollution. The need for additional sanitation workers will increase as the garbage output increases. School districts will be overflowing requiring buildouts and an increase in staffing resulting in a rise in property taxes.”

Local elected officials should determine where ADU’s should exist within their boundaries. Whatever problem the state government is trying to fix, this is not the solution,” Giglio concluded.